Inventory Management, Supply Routing, & Marketing Support

The Hughes Christiansen Technology Solutions Group sought assistance from our team to design and develop a location intelligence dashboard to help improve their integration of geospatial data and capabilities into their organization’s operations.

  • Inventory management and optimization,
  • Routing of supply vehicles,
  • And marketing support tools are among the featured capabilities of the system.

The Sharepoint-integrated application integrates performance data from a broad variety of stores including SAP-based performance data, revenue and CRM data, project data, and inventory systems.

Retail Site Analytics - Financial Services

Client:  Banking & Financial Services Customer (undisclosed, at their request)
Goal: Provide location intelligence tools to improve retail site analytics capabilities.

Services Provided:  This customer licensed our Performance Atlas product which has been used daily by an expanding number of internal customer groups since 2009.  Their individually tailored Performance Atlas includes resources to support:

  • Site selection and comparison for retail branches, commercial branches, ATMs, and other assets
  • Site scoring tools
  • Customer analysis and segmentation tools
  • Competitive analysis
  • Localized consumer potential and sales forecasting


Key Technologies:  GIS Hosting, Performance Atlas, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Analysis Services, SAS

Customer Segmentation - Sports Authority

Client:  The Sports Authority
Goal: Analyze store performance and strengthen marketing efforts through improved customer profile and segmentation design.

Services Provided:  The Sports Authority (TSA) sought to improve their analytical tools for comparing store performance and for analyzing point of sale data in connection with customer segments. The Gartrell Group teamed with the Business Intelligence firm Smartbase Solutions to provide TSA with a map-integrated marketing dashboard providing tools to:

  • Define and analyze  customer segments on a market by market and store by store basis.
  • Perform trade area analysis and define custom trade areas.
  • Compare and match stores in-market and cross-market based on affinities in their customer demographics.
  • Analyze capture rates and other key performance measures based on point of sale data.
  • Assess and compare the strength of targeted marketing efforts.
  • Perform competitive analysis with non-TSA stores and assess the possibility of cannibalization among proximate stores following merger activity.


Key Technologies:  GIS Hosting, ESRI ArcGIS Server, ArcSDE, Oracle and Hyperion Reporting and Analysis Tools.