Find out where to hunt and target shoot in Oregon on your mobile device

The Oregon Hunting Access Map

IMG_9130We’ve recently completed work on a new hunting and target shooting web site for the Oregon State Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) that was built specifically for optimal use on mobile devices. The Oregon Hunting Access Map has been around for several years now. We built the original version back when people accessed the internet from their desktop or laptop computers. In the few years since, mobile devices have taken over as the computer of choice when accessing information on the internet. It seems only natural that the Oregon Hunting Access Map would be adapted to fit this growing need. Now, when you go to on your mobile device, you will be directed to the mobile-friendly version. Desktop/laptop users will continue to see the version optimized for their use.

Modern coding makes it accessible on any mobile device

The mobile market is split pretty evenly between Android and iOS, so rather than develop an application specific to either operating system, we built a web site that scales well and works on any browser. Using the AngularJS framework, we were able to provide ODFW with a solution that will work on any mobile device, saving them time and money on developing a unique app for every operating system, while giving the end-user the experience of using an app. By using Angular, we were able to quickly build, test and deploy the site.

Modern, interactive map

The site is essentially an interactive map that gives users the ability to filter the contents, either by species or by shooting range type. Looking to hunt for Wilson’s Snipe? Or perhaps to find a range near you that hosts Cowboy Action Shooting competitions? We’ve got you covered. You simply select what you’re looking for – whether it be a particular IMG_9132type of animal or a shooting range type – and then see all of the places that match your selection on a map. With the phone’s GPS turned on, you can see your location in relation to the spots that fit your selection. Using your phone’s default mapping application, you can get driving directions to the spots that you’re interested in.

More than just a map

This isn’t an application that simply shows you dots on a map. It provides you with all of the information that you’ll need to not only find a location, but to learn more about that location. On the hunting access map, there is contextual information provided for every hunting area – information such as the acreage, a description, who manages the area, IMG_9131access, regulations, if there’s camping, and any alerts related to that area. The shooting range map provides information such as facility details, available range types, and services offered. Contact information is available for all hunting areas and shooting ranges.

Powerful, Offline Functionality

With the power of GeoPDFs, not only can you can use the app to plan your hunt, but you can use it while you’re in the field. Out in the wilderness, your phone may not be connected to a cellular network, but it is still connected to GPS satellites. Most of the hunting areas in the app have an available GeoPDF, which is a detailed, PDF map of the area. It is Geo-enabled, so it will use your phone’s GPS signal to show your exact position on a the map. Additionally, you can add photos, record your GPS tracks, drop pins (where you parked, your camp site, where you bagged that deer, etc.) – and when it’s all done, share your map with others (if you really want to give away your secret hunting spot…). In our field-testing, the phone combined with the GeoPDF did just as good a job at way-finding as a stand-alone GPS unit. With the Oregon Hunting Access Map on the phone in your pocket, you can leave home with one less piece of equipment!