Mapping Indoor Spaces

The Gartrell Group recently completed the first phase of a project for Entech Engineering to configure a version of ESRI’s Campus Place Finder to match their needs.
The Place Finder is exactly what it sounds like; “a web application that allows employees and visitors to locate people and places on a campus or in a single building.” We’re mapping indoor spaces!

We configured the Campus Place Finder to meet Entech’s security requirements and other needs that are not fulfilled by the “out of the box” product, such as configuring the app to support web-based editing of room attributes. Our firm’s expertise with ArcGIS Server, network security,  and Javascript/HTML5 made us the ideal choice for this project.  Our capability to host the system on secure, cloud-based infrastructure was also attractive to Entech, as it will reduce their support burdens and get them into production much faster.

The state of the state with regard to indoor mapping and navigation is rapidly gaining sophistication, and some of the capabilities are beginning to mainstream.  If you have questions about how to extend your location intelligence to interior space, or have application development or hosting needs, please contact us.