Mobile Friendly Campus Map for PSU

The Campus Planning Office of Portland State University has engaged the Gartrell Group to design and build a mobile-friendly, web-based campus map that will showcase some of the Office’s excellent cartographic products. This interactive application is intended to support the wayfinding needs of prospective students and campus visitors and also to help community members quickly locate key resources (e.g. the “bike hub”,“Market Street Pub”, etc.).
It will also provide easy means for producing maps for re-use in campus publications and reference materials. The tool will be developed through the use of a responsive design framework to help assure a great user experience for people using mobile devices and desktop browsers alike. Our team is delighted to have the opportunity to help the University develop this new capability and we look forward to using it ourselves.

The map is due for production rollout this coming summer. More on this as we get further into the project…