Time to think about a post-BAO world

Why do Business Analysts always write on windows? My kid has a future.Clients, friends, GISers, trivia hounds…
Our Magic 8 Ball tells us that “It is certain” that Esri’s Business Analyst Online (BAO) will be shuttered in late March of 2014. For those of you relying on BAO for portions of your location analytics solution, it’s time to devise an update strategy if you haven’t already.

Much of the popular BAO functionality is now being moved into ArcGIS Online and will be delivered via “geo-enrichment services“.  Verrry nourishing for location intel needs.  This is probably the most obvious alternative, but not the only one.

If this makes you nervous, if you want to discuss the particularities of what this means to you, or if you just want to know what the program is so you can get with it…  drop us a line.

It’s gonna be OK.