An update on what's going on around here

Happy Spring!
I know, I know… it’s been Spring for almost a week now, but we’ve been really busy!

We have a lot going on;

  • we’re working with the City of Portland’s Public School Administration to develop a GIS platform in order to extend location intelligence across business lines, with the initial focus on mapping out safe walking and biking routes to each of their 64 elementary and middle schools,
  • we’re helping the Idaho Department of Transportation evaluate the best software for their specific needs,
  • we just kicked off a two-year project with Seattle City Light to provide Strategic planning and ongoing support services in order to fully integrate location intelligence capabilities into the workflows, analysis, and reporting needs of this major electrical utility serving Seattle,
  • we’re in the process of configuring our Performance Atlas web application to meet the needs of Etisalat, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies; when we’re finished, we will have provided the Etisalat team with a hosted solution that will increase their location intelligence related to performance across sales, marketing and facility planning business lines,
  • we’ve almost wrapped up a project to provide Pike Energy with location intelligence capabilities integrating centrally-managed data, web-tools for project planning and management, and mobile data collection in disconnected scenarios,
  • we just wrapped up a project with Oregon’s Department of Fish and Wildlife to assess the best way to bring the popular hunting and shooting ranges map to mobile devices,
  • we also just wrapped up a project where we configured a web application to provide a client with a hosted solution providing web access to college campus, floor-by-floor, viewing and updating of facility conditions and assets,
  • and of course, we continue to provide hosting services to many happy clients!

Just because we have a lot going on doesn’t mean that we’re too busy to talk to you. If you are in need of some GIS consulting, or need a web application for your GIS data, or need a home for your GIS data – or just want to talk – please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here!