There's a map for that!


Our team provides the necessary expertise to help clients... 

  • define and execute strategies to optimize their use of geospatial technology
  • improve locational know-how
  • streamline workflows and practices. 

It's our job to help people achieve greater efficiency, make decisions informed by the dynamics of geography and take actions with greater confidence and impact.


Geospatialists...working, mostly...

Open Positions

None currently, but...  

Are you interested in the opportunities presented by location technology? Are you compelled to innovate? Are you looking to join a creative team committed to producing meaningful, client-focused work products at the highest standard of quality?  These are traits our team members have in common. 

We are able to do the work we love because of the strength of our team. In a boutique consultancy such as the Gartrell Group, every individual has an important influence on the internal chemistry of the team and on our work atmosphere. We add new members selectively and when we do, our offers of employment are accompanied by a strong company commitment to the individual.

We place a strong emphasis on investing in our team members to assure that they have compelling career choices, the flexibility to achieve a satisfying work-life balance, solid benefits, and abundant opportunities for growth in their profession. We have a high standard of service; maintaining it stems, in part, from an enduring commitment to the well being and satisfaction of our team members.

As specific positions open, we will post them here, but we are always pleased to hear from people who are interested in exploring the opportunity to join our team. If you are seeking an opportunity to do high-impact work on a collaborative team of people passionate about working at the frontier of  location technology, please get in touch!

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